Healthcare Logistics at Its Finest

Situated within the south-western part of Singapore, less than 3km from the new Tuas Port lies Toll City. Built in 2017, this $228 million next-generation logistics hub spans over 6 storeys of warehouse space accessible by 48-foot trailers and over one million square feet. The Healthcare Logistics Hub sits within these four walls on the fifth level of the building.

Hosted by ST Healthcare, students from SUS Biomedical Engineering programme were given a tour of the premises on 4th October as part of the BME Healthcare Administration site visit. Welcomed by Mr. Ong Ching Mien, Healthcare Supply Chain Manager, students were give an overview of Toll City and the Healthcare Logistics Hub, followed by a tour which included a visit to the SiTadeL Supply Chain Control Tower which functions as an information hub and decision support system. Students got to view the SMART Ordering Systems in action before heading into the Healthcare Logistics Hub, where they were greeted by rows of shelves with pallets stacked to the ceiling. Automated guided vehicles moved with a gentle buzzing up and down the aisles retrieving packages of delivery.

The students were also introduced to the ST Healthcare Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) which uses scanning of RFID codes for accurate management of pharmaceutical stocks, non-pharmaceutical stocks and inventory for healthcare institutions. The impressive use of technology like IOT, artificial intelligence and data analytics for smarter healthcare supply chain operations provided the students with better insights on how frontier technology is being used in ensuring accurate and on-time delivery of life-saving medical products to hospitals and their patients.

A/Prof Ooi Chui Ping, BME Head of Programme presenting a token of appreciation to Mr Ong Ching Mien, ST Healtcare Supply Chain Manager for hosting the visit to ST Healthcare.

Group Photo