Film-makers Talk: Driven by Passion

On Aug 19, Singapore film-maker Mr Chai Yee Wei and award-winning sound designer Ms Lim Ting Li spoke at a talk jointly organised by our colleagues from the Multimedia Technology and Design programme and the Film Studies Minor, providing insights into the passion that drives them.

Determined to make better films with cutting-edge technology, Mr Chai founded Mocha Chai Laboratories, Singapore's first fully integrated digital film lab. With this, local film-makers no longer have to travel overseas to complete their final picture grade and cinmea sound mix. Mr Chai also recently started A Little Seed - an Apple iTunes Aggregator that gives film-makers a digital platform to reach out to a wider audience. As for Ms Lim, she described how she mixed various animal sounds to give the elephant in film maker Ms Kirsten Tan's Pop Aye an expressive yet realistic voice. For director Mr Boo Junfeng's Apprentice, she made the prison a character in itself by creating sounds for locks,keys, guards' footsteps and even the hangman's rope. Ms Lim also played a scene from Apprentice, showing the audience how sounds elevates the viewing experience.

Through Mocha Chai, both Mr Chai and Ms Lim have worked on films such as Long Long Time Ago and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Despite their many accomplishments, both of them remain humble, eager to learn and utterly inspiring in their passion for films.