SCDF Mass Casualty Exercise at ITE College Central

It was after 12 midnight on the 23 October at ITE College Central. The air was muggy, and filled with a prickly tension. Bright lights, flashing red and blue could be seen at the end of the road. Suddenly, a shout rang out followed quickly by the sound of boots thumping heavily on the tiled foyer floor as men in protective gears and stretchers ran towards a cordoned off area filled with unmoving bodies. The bodies were quickly transported onto the stretchers and carried away towards the flashing lights. A short while later, men in orange HAZMAT suits came pounding towards the square carrying tracers and sampling equipment.

Officers wearing Hazmat suite

The students in the BSc Biomedical Engineering with Paramedicine and ER were invited to observe a mass casualty exercise, conducted by SCDF, where the threat in the exercise was a chemical attack on an education institution. Through this event, the students got to learn more about MCI and the measures in place to respond and deal with such an event.

Dummy figure

The real life exposure complemented the classroom lessons as the students honed their skills and knowledge in emergency preparedness and management for the future.

Group Photo