Bachelor of Digital Media

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Educated in a broad spectrum of subjects in the fields of mathematics, computing, visual design, and media technologies, as well as the specialisation in chosen areas of multimedia technology and design.
  • Equipped with the requisite specialist knowledge and skills to define and solve, in a holistic manner, problems related to electronics engineering.
  • Independent learners that will prepare them for life long learning and diverse careers.
  • Trained and skilled to work on multidisciplinary projects.
  • Able to communicate effectively using different media.
  • Ethically and professionally

Image Courtesy of: Digital Art

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • A rigorous education in electronic media technology which will include the coverage of the theory and practice of electronic systems used in traditional media and interactive media environments.
  • A sound understanding and ability to use software and information systems for systems integration operations and the creative design of multimedia content.
  • Aspects of multimedia project management, the planning and control of software / multimedua project development, and of teamwork.
  • A basic foundation in the aesthetical concepts of software product design, creative multimedia design and in the essence of media communications.