Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering

Overview of Programmes

At SUSS, you may pursue Biomedical Engineering as a single subject, or in combination with a Minor in Paramedicine and Emergency Response.

The Bachelor of Science (Hons) Biomedical Engineering in UniSIM was first launched in 2005. It is a broad based degree programme which focuses on the application of engineering techniques in biological sciences and medicine. The degree programme seeks to equip graduates with a repertoire of skills that is vital and indispensable to the healthcare and biomedical engineering industry. In July 2015, UniSIM collaborates with the Justice Institute of British Columbia, Canada to offer a new Minor in Paramedicine and Emergency Response in the degree programme. With the Minor in Paramedicine and Emergency Response, graduates are armed with additional emergency health-related knowledge and policy development skills required for emergency management-related sectors.

The programmes are suitable for working adults in the biomedical, healthcare, or emergency services/management related sectors. The programmes are also suitable for those who are keen on enhancing their knowledge, skills and understanding in biomedical engineering and/or emergency management.


Image courtesy of: Ponsulak