Bachelor of Aerospace System

Career Prospects

Graduates of the BEHAS will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to fill junior management positions in MRO, supply/procurement, as well as hospitatlity functions. Being future managers, these graduates will be proficient in the deployment of Organisational Framework, 6-Sigma, and the Taguchi Method. They will be practioners of operational research and linear programming to aid in "just-in-time" supply chain management of aerospace system spares and procurement, an industry where the stockpiling of spares is not a business option but neccessity.

Above all else, these graduates will be imbuled with the values for "safety as a way of life". and quality in every aspect of their work, both attributes being conerstones of the aerospace/aviation business. In addition, through the content and delivery methods that will be deployed for the BEHAS programme, graduates will be trained to be strong problem solvers in their future workplaces in the Singapore Aerospace industry.

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Image courtesy of: scottchan